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Car Launcher v3.3.1.57 paid for free MOD APK Download

paid for free
Nome do app Car Launcher
Nome do pacote com.autolauncher.motorcar
Gênero Traffic
Tamanho 23.11 MB
Última versão
Informações do mod
paid for free
Data da atualização Wed Dec 07 2022
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Baixe o Car Launcher Mod APK (paid for free) 2023 com o Jojoy!

Car Launcher é um dos apps mais populares do momento. Car Launcher tem 100K+ downloads no Google Play. Car Launcher Mod APK (paid for free) é a versão premium do Car Launcher e você pode usar todos os recursos do Car Launcher sem pagar ou assistir anúncios. Baixe Jojoy agora para aproveitar o Car Launcher Mod APK gratuitamente.

O que é Car Launcher?

We represent you Launcher which was specially created for use in the car. You can use this program as on phone, a pad and on the radio tape recorder on a basis the android. We combined not only convenient start of programs, but also the onboard computer with convenient count of the passable distance for the different periods (for this function to work, you must grant permission to receive GPS data in the background)Basic functions of the program:For users of the free version:• An opportunity to set as the main Launcher about opening via the HOME button (it is relevant for radio tape recorders)• An opportunity to add any number of applications for quick start on the principal screen. You can set up several folders for the selected applications and it is easy to switch them on the principal screen (PRO)• An opportunity to edit already selected applications.Long retain an icon for opening of the menu of editingOn the principal screen exact speed cars based on GPS of data is displayed.• Display of speed in status bar• Fast call of the list of all applicationsQuick start of the menu with the list of all applications with a possibility of sorting: by name, to installation date, date of up-dating. In case of long keeping of an icon, the mode of deleting application will open.• A menu slide with the onboard computerPress the rounded-off button for opening a slide of the menu or pull for the right edge of the screen.• You can set up a menu slide as it will be convenient to you.• The menus this in a slide Displays the current speed, the passable distance, average rate, the general operating time, maximum speed, acceleration from 0km/h to 60km/h, 0km/h to 100km/h, 0km/h to 150km/hthe best time and speed for arrival 1/4 miles. You can always drop data for a trip at any time.• To each of the listed parameters, it is possible to expose for what time to display:for a trip, for today, in a week, in a month, during all the time.• A possibility of switching display of speed in miles or kilometers• A program StartUp in case of switching on of the device (it is necessary, only for radio tape recorders)• 3 subjects of the principal screen on a choice by default.• Support of the third-party subjects created especially for CL• Support of a set of third-party players about display of a cover• Support of third-party icons of a pack ice• Weather on the principal screen (in the presence of the Internet)- Position fix both on GPS, and on manual input of the city- Refresh rate setup• Information on yours location (in the presence of the Internet)• An opportunity to select the picture in case of start of the program• Change of a color gamma of the used texts• Change of color of wall-paper or adding of own wall-paper• Automatic brightness control of the screen depending on time of day• A screen saver when clicking for hours with a huge number of settings:- Different prototypes on a choice- Several different fonts- Several formats of date- An opportunity to change the size and color on everyone to an elema- An opportunity to remove not the necessary elements- Data movement on the screen - Reduction of brightness when opening hours• Support of system widgets• Support of a large number of additional screens• An opportunity to edit any subject on the discretion:- Stretching- Deleting- Relocation- Adding of several actions on one widget- To lock start on clicking a widget- To change a name of a widget and the size of the text- To change a widget background, etc.• Expanded set of widgets of Car Launcher:- Visualization - Analog hours- Analog speedometer- Address widget- Movement time- Maximum speed- Time of stops- Acceleration from 0km/h to 60km/h, • Settings for the selected applications:- The infinite scrolling - Change of number of applications in a grid- Bend side- Flex angle• Adding and change of the logo• Expanded settings for change of a color gamma

O que as pessoas dizem do Car Launcher?

I've been playing since I came into contact with Car Launcher Pro, I'm very grateful that this app has brought me a lot of joy, and now it's very good for Android on Google. This app has a high degree of freedom and is very suitable for use when you are free. It is highly playable and recommended to buy.

The game experience of Car Launcher Pro is really good. Many users have experienced happiness in Car Launcher Pro and gained friends. I am an old player of Car Launcher Pro, and I have my feelings for Car Launcher Pro! Come on, hope to do better!

O que é Car Launcher Mod APK?

Car Launcher Mod APK é a versão premium version do Car Launcher, no Car Launcher Mod APK você pode usar todas os recursos do Car Launcher sem gastar dinheiro ou assistir anúncios. Você não precisa de gastar tempo desbloqueando todas as quests, pois você vê tudo pela perspectiva de Deus e você pode fazer tudo com facilidade. A versão premium do Mod APK possui diferentes interpretações em diferentes apps, como os jogos mod apk. Você irá experimentar moedas, diamantes ou até mesmo níveis, podendo facilmente experimentar a diversão do jogo sem nenhum esforço. A versão avançada do Mod APK remove os recursos pagos em apps populares e elimina a necessidade de assistir anúncios. Você pode facilmente utilizar a versão verde e limpa. Além disso, o Car Launcher Mod APK é a versão paid for free, o que significa que você pode se divertir muito!

O que é o Jojoy?

Jojoy é um servidor para baixar Mod APK. No Jojoy você pode encontrar todos os apps e jogos mod que você precisa. Os Mod APKs estão tornando-se cada vez mais importantes, e Jojoy vem se tornando uma importante alternativa ao Google play, já que todos os apps oferecidos pelo Jojoy são gratuitos, o que é mais amigável para os usuários.

Como baixar Car Launcher Mod APK no Jojoy?

Primeiro você precisa baixar o app do Jojoy em Após a instalação você pode utilizar facilmente a comunidade de jogos do Jojoy.

Busque por Car Launcher ina comunidade de jogos do Jojoy e você poderá baixar o apk que você deseja. Selecione a última versão para baixar e instalar.

Após instalado, você pode aproveitar o Car Launcher mod em seu celular. Tenho certeza que você vai amar! Venha baixar o Car Launcher Mod APK com Jojoy agora!