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MediBang Paint v25.5 desbloqueado MOD APK Download

Version: 25.5
Nome do app MediBang Paint
Nome do pacote
Gênero Education
Tamanho 51.95 MB
Última versão 25.5
Informações do mod
Data da atualização Mon Mar 13 2023
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Baixe o MediBang Paint Mod APK (Unlocked) 2023 com o Jojoy!

MediBang Paint é um dos apps mais populares do momento. MediBang Paint tem 10M+ downloads no Google Play. MediBang Paint Mod APK (Unlocked) é a versão premium do MediBang Paint e você pode usar todos os recursos do MediBang Paint sem pagar ou assistir anúncios. Baixe Jojoy agora para aproveitar o MediBang Paint Mod APK gratuitamente.

O que é MediBang Paint?

Illustrations/Manga -based effects that have been downloaded more than 75 million times worldwide!From drawing of illustrations to beginners to professional illustrations/manga production! It can be used by a wide range of people with simple UI.A new time lapse creation function is also available! Let's make a making video of the illustration ♪Data sharing on multiple devices can be done quickly!All basic functions are free! The hidden advertisement can be done with the subscription "MediBang Premium".[What is MediBang Paint? ]Free illustration and manga production software. It is a tool that is widely used, from beginners to illustrations to professional illustrators/manga artists.A simple and comfortable UI provides creators around the world with the best environment where you can produce anytime and anywhere.◆ Illustration and manga production anytime, anywhere on a smartphone!・ A wealth of functions comparable to PC version software, the most multifunctional paint app in the world. A full -fledged drawing app.・ The movement and capacity supported by users around the world are also attractive.◆ A wealth of ingredients in your hand. Of course it is free.・ All -you -can -use more than 1000 kinds of tones!・ Because there are plenty of background materials such as cityscape and vehicles, troublesome background work is easy.◆ Various brushes, finest drawing comfort・ More than 180 kinds of brushes can be used for free and various expressions can be made.・ You can also create an original brush based on the image.◆ Let's make a making video with the time lapse creation function・ Created time lapse videos can be shared on SNS.・ By saving the production process, it can also be used to prove your own illustration.◆ On the support site・ It is a perfect support system such as tutorials and illustrations of apps.・ It is a site that I want to come to for beginners who want to draw illustrations but do not know where to start!◆ Your work is more manga with manga fonts.◆ Cumbersome frames can be easily divided◆ Stress -free that can be drawn・ The interface is extremely simple. You can easily draw.・ Customize the shot cut key freely!◆ You can easily fix only the parts you care about・ You can use the "layer function" that can be divided into a single picture by dividing the work part separately.◆ Data management is in the cloud・ Since the data can be backed up automatically, it is safe even if there is a sudden accident during drawing.・ Since the created data can be stored in the cloud, you do not need to worry about the capacity of the terminal.◆ Immediately in the usual environment・ The brush / material / palette setting of the PC version "MediBang Paint Pro" and the preset of the brush / material can be synchronized in the cloud.◆ Can be co -produced even in a distant place◆ You can publish your work to many people・ You can easily post works on the manga -illustration posting site "Art Street" ( (free membership registration is required).[Make MediBang Paint more convenient]◆ "MediBang Premium"A subscription service that allows you to use many benefits.You can try it for free only for the first 60 days.・ Unlimited use of more than 200 types of brushes that can be used in MediBang Paint!・ Hide in -app advertising・ Output in various file formats・ Added cloud storage capacity・ Time Lapse Watermark (MediBang logo) hides…etc! We will continue to increase its functions in the future! !【Notes】* The pen pressure sensing function is valid for the following stylus pen (setting is required for use).[Compatible stylus pen]SONAR PEN[Recommended terminal]Android8 or later* To use some functions, an account of "Art Street" ( is required.* The comfort of the operation may change depending on the condition of the terminal.

O que as pessoas dizem do MediBang Paint?

this app is amazing if you have realized how to use this properly with enough time and experience, this tool will help you enhance your skills. thank you very much. The one thing that lacks is the guiding tool for animating. The thing that slowly disappears a little like a ghost and then it can be retraced for animation. I am having a rough time drawing so that's all.

Medibang Paint is almost entirely the only app I ever use to draw. Mostly because it's easier to navigate for me than other art apps. (Sorry. I'm not good at writing reviews. I got no complaints or problems with MediBang Paint. 🤷‍♀️)

O que é MediBang Paint Mod APK?

MediBang Paint Mod APK é a versão premium version do MediBang Paint, no MediBang Paint Mod APK você pode usar todas os recursos do MediBang Paint sem gastar dinheiro ou assistir anúncios. Você não precisa de gastar tempo desbloqueando todas as quests, pois você vê tudo pela perspectiva de Deus e você pode fazer tudo com facilidade. A versão premium do Mod APK possui diferentes interpretações em diferentes apps, como os jogos mod apk. Você irá experimentar moedas, diamantes ou até mesmo níveis, podendo facilmente experimentar a diversão do jogo sem nenhum esforço. A versão avançada do Mod APK remove os recursos pagos em apps populares e elimina a necessidade de assistir anúncios. Você pode facilmente utilizar a versão verde e limpa. Além disso, o MediBang Paint Mod APK é a versão Unlocked, o que significa que você pode se divertir muito!

O que é o Jojoy?

Jojoy é um servidor para baixar Mod APK. No Jojoy você pode encontrar todos os apps e jogos mod que você precisa. Os Mod APKs estão tornando-se cada vez mais importantes, e Jojoy vem se tornando uma importante alternativa ao Google play, já que todos os apps oferecidos pelo Jojoy são gratuitos, o que é mais amigável para os usuários.

Como baixar MediBang Paint Mod APK no Jojoy?

Primeiro você precisa baixar o app do Jojoy em Após a instalação você pode utilizar facilmente a comunidade de jogos do Jojoy.

Busque por MediBang Paint ina comunidade de jogos do Jojoy e você poderá baixar o apk que você deseja. Selecione a última versão para baixar e instalar.

Após instalado, você pode aproveitar o MediBang Paint mod em seu celular. Tenho certeza que você vai amar! Venha baixar o MediBang Paint Mod APK com Jojoy agora!