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circloO v1.1.2 Desbloqueadas MOD APK Download

Version: 1.1.2
Nome do app circloO
Nome do pacote com.FlorianVanStrien.circloO_2
Gênero Puzzle
Tamanho 20.2 MB
Última versão 1.1.2
Informações do mod
Data da atualização Thu Feb 10 2022
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Baixe o circloO Mod APK (Free) 2023 com o Jojoy!

circloO é um dos apps mais populares do momento. circloO tem 500K+ downloads no Google Play. circloO Mod APK (Free) é a versão premium do circloO e você pode usar todos os recursos do circloO sem pagar ou assistir anúncios. Baixe Jojoy agora para aproveitar o circloO Mod APK gratuitamente.

O que é circloO?

circloO is a colorful physics platformer in a growing circle. This app version contains all levels from circloO and circloO 2, plus brand-new bonus levels! There's also a level editor and already over 1500 levels created by players like you!You're a small ball rolling around in a round level. Collect circles to grow the level circle. As it grows, everything stays in the level, so you'll have to avoid and use obstacles in everchanging ways. For example, a platform that was first very useful to gain height, may prove to be a challenging obstacle after the level has grown!You can only move left and right, so you'll want to use features of the level carefully to jump and gain height. You'll discover all sorts of physics features, such as changing gravity, a sea of tiny blocks, strange contraptions and even planets with a gravity field. In challenging parts, you'll find yourself fully immersed, pressing the screen as hard as you can trying to get closer to finally collecting that next circle. But don't worry: you'll never have to start over a level, so you can always try again really quickly! And I can guarantee you'll feel amazing once you finally manage it! 😊circloO Complete features:- Lots of cool physics features: ropes, pulleys, changing gravity and much more! I've included quite a few mechanics for you to discover. 😃- 53 fun, growing, ever more challenging levels! Can you complete the six almost-but-not-quite-impossible Hard Mode levels?- All levels from circloO 2 and the original circloO, plus twelve brand-new levels!- Unique physics puzzles in each level.- Great music and sound effects by Stijn Cappetijn.- Minimalist and colorful graphics.- The game will take most players two to three hours to complete. Level times are saved, so you can try to beat your own highscores and speedrun levels after that!- There's also a level editor!- Relaxing yet challenging physics puzzle platforming fun!I'm very happy that circloO 2 won the first Crazy Games developer contest out of 200 contestants! It was also third in the Kongregate contest of November 2018. You may remember it from CoolMath Games as well.Reviews:"It’s an excellent game that has a very playful and chilled out approach to the gameplay, whilst also featuring some wonderfully intricate level design. A very impressive puzzle platformer you’ll really want to roll with. Highly recommended." - Free Game Planet"The difficulty scales upwards nicely and you're constantly rewarded for learning new skills as these always come up in future levels." - JayisgamesThe game contains occasional ads after a level, which can be removed with a one-time in-app purchase, which supports development as well.Have fun and I'm happy to hear what you think!

O que as pessoas dizem do circloO?

I really like this game, some fan made levels can be really fun and has some cool glitches, and they dont spam ads everywhere. Some recommendations- pass-through shapes, it would be cool to make backgrounds with. And, there should be an option to group several shapes(like the rope)since complicated things can take a while to move. Also,portals should be able to teleport shapes- Currently i am trying to build a big level,but sometimes the game would crash for some reason. Autosave owes me alot xD

I really love the editor, How ever the entire game is pretty short. so here are some ideas: 1: moving/rotating platforms 2: Morph: this collectable will shapeshift the player in other stuff, like a square, triangle, to even a trapezoid (or Trapizuim). However which this, The circle/road need to change with this so the shape can roll. 3: time warping. This can speed or slow your movement. 4 Make it so if you hold a player level down, You can check the person's other levels. ~love, Hypersuxa

O que é circloO Mod APK?

circloO Mod APK é a versão premium version do circloO, no circloO Mod APK você pode usar todas os recursos do circloO sem gastar dinheiro ou assistir anúncios. Você não precisa de gastar tempo desbloqueando todas as quests, pois você vê tudo pela perspectiva de Deus e você pode fazer tudo com facilidade. A versão premium do Mod APK possui diferentes interpretações em diferentes apps, como os jogos mod apk. Você irá experimentar moedas, diamantes ou até mesmo níveis, podendo facilmente experimentar a diversão do jogo sem nenhum esforço. A versão avançada do Mod APK remove os recursos pagos em apps populares e elimina a necessidade de assistir anúncios. Você pode facilmente utilizar a versão verde e limpa. Além disso, o circloO Mod APK é a versão Free, o que significa que você pode se divertir muito!

O que é o Jojoy?

Jojoy é um servidor para baixar Mod APK. No Jojoy você pode encontrar todos os apps e jogos mod que você precisa. Os Mod APKs estão tornando-se cada vez mais importantes, e Jojoy vem se tornando uma importante alternativa ao Google play, já que todos os apps oferecidos pelo Jojoy são gratuitos, o que é mais amigável para os usuários.

Como baixar circloO Mod APK no Jojoy?

Primeiro você precisa baixar o app do Jojoy em Após a instalação você pode utilizar facilmente a comunidade de jogos do Jojoy.

Busque por circloO ina comunidade de jogos do Jojoy e você poderá baixar o apk que você deseja. Selecione a última versão para baixar e instalar.

Após instalado, você pode aproveitar o circloO mod em seu celular. Tenho certeza que você vai amar! Venha baixar o circloO Mod APK com Jojoy agora!